Nicolas Oteiza - Data Scientist

I help businesses get value out of their data. I also play the trombone in a rock band, practice Kung-Fu and ashtanga yoga, and am learning how to surf and tango!

I've been working as a freelancer for different companies since August 2015, finding exciting Data Science projects, including the development of a behavioral predictor using twitter-scraped data, mining big datasets to gain business insights and document retrieval for a recommender system.

I am an active researcher, and have published articles describing the development of a mathematical approach to describe diffusion of innovations, inspired by a very well known statistical mechanics model. I am currently dedicating my research to adaptive neural networks.

I work with Python for data mungling, scripting and development of machine learning solutions. I usually work with numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, nltk and matplotlib, and have some experience with Spark and TensorFlow.

For more than 4 years (2011-2015), in ContinenteSiete (a consulting company in Buenos Aires) I learned a lot on teamwork: the importance of empathy and delegation of tasks to the right people. It also showed me how passionate people can create wonderful working environments, and in the meantime, build a profitable business. I believe I have made an impact in the company's culture, by being enthusiastic and honest in my everyday there.

From 2006, I have been a part of Manguala, a rock band of 10 musicians, where each of us have the freedom to express our thoughts and creativity through every song we compose. All the decisions we make are as a group, and that means dealing with frustration, developing the ability of respectful but convincing communication, and the patience to wait for the strategic timing for the launch of each new song/record/music video etc.